Financial Assistance

If you find yourself in need of some financial assistance to pay your psychotherapy fee, there are a few options for you to choose from.

No insurance? If you do not have health insurance to help pay your fee, we offer two reduced fee “slots.” Ask about them.

Have insurance, but want a lower rate? We have an option for that too. Fees can
be radically reduced if you bill your own insurance company, reflective of just how much our fees reflect the cost of collecting payment for your treatment.

Insurance companies are notorious for making the collection of fees extremely difficult. If you are willing to take on that burden, we will reduce our fee by 20%. You must pay your fee “out-of-pocket” — up front, at the time services are delivered — and then bill your insurance. The only advantage to you is you will reduce your co-pay by 20%. That is, you can only bill the REDUCED amount, and then your co-pay is often a percentage of that amount. This option is only beneficial to some people. Please feel free to discuss this option with us.

For more information, please contact us at (360) 452-4345 in Port Angeles, or (425) 345-9351 in Arlington.