Question: How do I know if Dr. Daley is the right psychologist for me?

Answer: There are many factors to consider. For instance, do you care about whether you see a male or female therapist? Do you care about age (Dr. Daley is in his 60’s with 35 years of experience)? Do you care about the approach your therapist uses in therapy? Dr. Daley prefers to use a less in-depth method than others might; that is, he believes less in digging deep into your childhood, and more in figuring out how to solve the problem at hand. The only way to really know if Dr. Daley will be a comfortable fit is to make an appointment, and the way to make progress in therapy, with any psychologist, hinges on you and your willingness to work hard in therapy.

Question: I’m worried about a loved one. Can I refer them to Dr. Daley?

Answer: Yes and no. You may certainly make an appointment for them, but if they do not want help, we will not be able to help them.

Question: I’ve decided that I would like to attend a session with Dr. Daley. What can I expect during the first session?

AnswerThe first session focuses on collecting all kinds of information about what we call the “presenting problem” and your relevant background.

Question: I’ve decided that therapy is not the right option for me. What other treatment options would you recommend?

AnswerYour PCP (or Primary Care Provider) can prescribe medications or refer you to a specialist who can prescribe medications. Some religions have counselor and religion-based approaches to mental health problems. Doing nothing, as one might do for an ache or pain, might turn out to be a wise or foolish choice. Some people think psychotherapists are “nothing but paid friends”; you could try having weekly appointments with your friends/family. Sadly, most of the “what other options are there” tend to be unhealthy (e.g., drugs and alcohol). Exercise helps. Medication helps. Healthy living helps. Assertiveness helps. Making wise choices “from here on out” helps.

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